I am one ordinary woman with extraordinary powers!

NO! Not like that! Like this:

Isaiah 40:29 tells us that, God "gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power." He tells us to not be afraid of anything.

I learned fear and mistrust at an early age from the physical abuse of my mother and sexual abuse by a relative and a neighbor. I didn't know I was created by a loving God, because he was not invited into our lives. So, how would I know I had worth and dignity. And I didn't know others did either. I grew up selfish, bitter, and broken. Character traits that didn't attract many friends I might add.

School was painful. I graduated hig school by the skin of my teeth. Actually, I was nearly suspended in the last month of my last year.  But I didn't care because I was already married to my first husband and was about to move on to a better life - away from the clutches of my mother. So I thought.

Three years later, I moved back home with my daughter, Wendy. Now, more broken than ever.
At twenty-three I tried to end the pain by committing suicide. But, alas, I sucked at that too. Believe me, at the time, I was not oozing with gratitude.

Nothing much changed. It's not that God didn't try, and it's not like I didn't masquerade as a Christian for many years after my current husband, Tom, and I were married forty-three years ago. I just muddled through life, struggling to make meaning from a place of utter emptiness. Unable to be the parent my kids needed me to be; the wife my husband needed me to be, or the beloved daughter God longed for me to realize that I already was.

Then, about sixteen years ago, against all odds, my life changed in such a powerful way I'm still utterly amazed...and so are a lot of other people I'm sure!

Tom, and I are currently living in a small community outside of St. Louis. We have four grown children, fourteen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. God has been good to me in spite of myself!

You know the scripture verse Romans 5:8? "…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."  Well, my friends, my life is proof of that!

Some HUGE God stories have transpired over the past sixteen years that are too numerous to include here, though it is what I regularly write about in my blog. Let me just give you a quick synopsis of the past seven years:

·          In 2009, I completed my Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies.  Remember now, I barely finished high school.

·         I completed four months of clinicals for Hospice and volunteered for two years. 

·         I am currently working with our parishes' Grief Ministry and will also begin working with the poor in our community. 
God power!
I am a beloved sinner, a wife, mom, grand-mom & great-grand-mom, and author of Why Surrender is NOT a Four-Letter Word.

My blog is comprised of writings that have been inspired by something God has revealed to me, usually in my day-to-day screw-ups, and sometimes awesome stuff that didn’t hurt! All blessings too awesome to keep to myself. Enjoy!

I know you’re dying to know this, so, yes, God talks to me, but not in that "still small voice" some people experience. It's more like the whack of a 2x4. Though when that happens to you often enough, you learn to catch yourself screwing up! It makes life a little easier with fewer lumps!

I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoy my ramblings. If you were physically here, I would invite in for tea. We would sit in the living room where I spend my God time, or the study where I spend my writing time. Come visit any time!

I suppose you may be curious about what my beliefs are. After all, if you are going to take the time to visit me here and read my ramblings, you will probably want to know that up front. I know I do when I first come across the writings of someone new to me. 
It's not complicated. Although, in the past, I made it very complicated. Before Graduate School, my beliefs were black & white; no gray areas to confuse things, thank you very much. Aquinas challenged every belief, every dogma, every "truth" I adhered to as a Catholic Christian. After all, it seemed to be my responsibility to be sure every heathen I encountered knew full well they were destined for hell. Not to gloat, but to try to save their sorry butts! Needless to say, God was not happy with me.
My three years at Aquinas taught me what St. Augustine discovered right before his death. He proclaimed that he would no longer speak or write about God and faith because he realized he didn't know what he was talking about! If one of our greatest theologians could admit his utter ignorance about the inner workings of God; could come to the realization that God is more mystery than we would like to believe...well then, I was in good company!

Then, of course, it followed that I could stop worrying about a beautiful soul such as Mohandas Gandhi being in hell because he wasn't Catholic, and I could strive to emulate him without fear of angering God because he only loved Christians, specifically Catholics. Whew, what a relief!

People have quit asking me, but when I was studying theology friends and family members would ask me some pretty deep questions. They were surprised when my reply was either, "Well, this is what I believe ____________" and follow it by, "Now, that's just my opinion. What did you pay for that opinion? That's right - NOTHING. Therefore, it is worth nothing." Or, my favorite response continues to be, "I have no idea."

You will find that I quote Father Richard Rohr a lot in my writings. Here's what he says about a mature faith. I hope that's the direction I'm heading:

At this point, you are not tied to believing that your religion is the only one that gets people to God. You can see God in all things,
everywhere, and easily in people outside your own religion. They did not change, your doctrines did not change, but you did!
You have met the Formless One, so the mere forms of religion are not so important now. Still, you do not throw out any of the
previous stages; you now know that people need to go through all of them. You do not waste time opposing the rituals, the
doctrines, the hierarchies, the scriptures, or the belief systems that got you on this path; but now you know they are all just
fingers pointing to the moon; they are not the moon itself. This is total non-dual thinking, a different mind and a different
experience. This is the mind of the mystic.

I am also loving the writings of Brian D. McLaren. In his most recent book, The Great Spiritual Migration, he speaks of a faith so many, except Jesus I think, would call heracy:

Could Christians migrate from defining their faith as a system of beliefs to expressing it as a loving way of life? Could Christian
faith lose the bitter taste of colonialism, exclusion, judgment, hypocrisy, and oppression, and regain the sweet and nourishing 
flavor of justice, joy, and peace?

For centuries, Christians have presented God as a Supreme Being who showers blessings upon
insiders who share certain beliefs and proper institutional affiliation, but who punishes outsiders with eternal conscious torment.
Yet Jesus revealed God as one who “eats with sinners,” welcomes outsiders in, and forgives even while being rejected, tortured,
and killed.

And if you really want a challenge read Thich Nhat Hanh's book, Living Buddha, Living Christ".

Okay, there you go. If you still have questions feel free to contact me directly. Thank you!