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"Linda's story of surrender and victory
over the wounds that life inflicts is
an inspiration to all who ever wonder about
the power of God to heal our hearts
of life's deepest hurts."
Judi Buncer, Youth Minister and Retreat Coordinator




I have a confession to make—I think.  Perhaps it isn’t necessary, but I am not leaving anything to chance.  I may or may not give the impression that I have successfully and completely transitioned from a struggling, out-of-control misfit, to a living, breathing, saint.  If that is the impression that I have given even one person, shame on me.  That said, while I definitely haven’t been canonized, I have gained new insights, and a realization of just how far I have to go.  

How am I doing so far?


    I never want to hear God say to me, “Woe to you, hypocrite!”  So with great trembling I daily ask Him to keep me in line and tell me when I am messing up--and He cheerfully obliges.  Sometimes it’s not pretty.  But that’s ok, because my heart has finally been able to accept that He loves me, I mean really loves me!  I don’t have to play games with Him, I don’t have to make excuses, and I don’t have to try to impress anyone.  That creates the freedom that comes from knowing that I can do nothing to gain God’s love and—Alleluia, nothing to lose it! 

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